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                 ABOUT   MIIT             
Contact Info
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Tel. (91) 4259-236030
Ext. 2319 / 2517
Fax: (91) 4259-236060
Website: www.mcet.in

        Dr.Mahalingam International Institute of Technology (MIIT), a division of the NIA Educational Institutions was established in 2005, to offer international degree programs in association with educational institutions abroad. The aim of MIIT is to provide a unique learning experience to the Indian students which gives them the opportunity to acquire an international degree while pursuing their own programs in India. Indian students enrolled in under graduate or post graduate engineering or technology degree programs have the option of getting a degree with one of MIIT’s international partners. The function of MIIT is to support the NIA Educational Institutions, including the Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology (MCET) and to develop international partnerships. MIIT is an independent institute, but closely tied to MCET.