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Tel. (91) 4259-236030
Ext. 2319 / 2517
Fax: (91) 4259-236060
Website: www.mcet.in

B.E.T - Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electronics & Controls)
(Approved by AUCC,Canada)

    This degree program combines theoretical principles with the hands-on experience and technical courses related to electronics, instrumentation, and computer control industry. Aspects unique to electrical engineering, analog/digital design, industrial instrumentation/control, microelectronics, and wireless systems are emphasized.

Unique Feature of the Programme

   *   Each student will be allotted with a unique ID number given by Cape Breton Univeristy(CBU)
   *   Students will be monitored by CBU
   *   Assignments, tests and quizzes are through Web CT server
   *   Evaluation done by CBU
   *   Degree will be awarded by CBU
   *   TOEFL & IELTS scores are not required


   +2 Passed candidates in academic courses including English and Mathematics, and two other sciences (Physics is recommended); with an overall average of at least 60%.

Programme Duration : 3Years

   *   First two years @ MIIT
   *   Third Year @ CBU, Canada
Programme of Study

   Term One (Fall)

      MATH131-Math I
      PHYS110-Elements of Physics
      ENGI101-Industrial Safety and Applied Shop Practices
      ENGI125-Engineering Graphics
      ELEC111-Fundamentals of Electricity I
      COMP101-Computer Applications

   Term Two (Winter)

      MATH132-Math II
      PHYS110-Elements of Physics
      DRAF126-Industrial Applications of Drafting
      ELEC122-Fundamentals of Electricity II
      ELEC253-Analog Electronics

   Term Three (Fall)

      MATH233 -Math III
      ENGI 256 -Digital Logic
      ELEC 213 -Process Measurements
      ELEC 283 -Industrial Electronic Circuits
      ELEC 284 -Machines and Controls
      MATH 135 -Statistics (Can be taken in term 3 or 4)

   Term Four (Winter)

      MATH234 -Math IV
      ELEC 244 -Linear Integrated Circuits
      ELEC 345 -Programmable logic Controllers
      ELEC 355 -Technological Thesis
      ELEC 365 -Control Systems

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